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Before and After School

One OmLight
Yoga for Kids
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Wednesday Mornings

Drama Kids International
A unique and fun-filled drama program used to help children develop confidence, creative thinking, public speaking skills, self-esteem, acting abilities, leadership and teamwork.
Wednesday After School

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Youth Enrichment Program

SafeKey is a before-and/or after-school youth enrichment program that is part of Las Vegas’ Strong Schools initiative. SafeKey offers opportunities for learning beyond the school bell and is designed for children, age 5-11 attending kindergarten through fifth grades. The program follows the Clark County School District calendar and operates only on days that school is in session.  Daily and weekly scheduled activities include physical fitness, nutritional education, arts and crafts, music and drama, reading time, games, special events, homework and tutoring assistance, literacy programming and nutritious afternoon snacks. SafeKey is on-site in the morning from 6:30 am - 8:35 am ($7/day) and in the afternoon from 3:11pm - 6:00pm ($10/day). We highly recommend that all parents sign their child up for SafeKey in case of an emergency. For more information go to

Safekey does not operate when school is not in session (Winter Break, Spring Break etc.).  


Monday through Friday

Before and After School


iPianoLab is a fresh, fun way to learn piano or keyboard, RIGHT AT SCHOOL! iPianoLab sets up a portable keyboard lab right at your child's school, with a keyboard and headphones for each student enrolled.
And unlike traditional piano methods which focus on monthes of boring "baby" songs and drills, iPianoLab students get to play REAL music, the songs they LOVE right from the first class!

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Monday After School

Staton Cheer Logo 2.png

Staton Cheerleaders
Practice Schedule

Mondays: at school in the PE room 3:20-4:30 PM

Thursdays:  4-6 PM at ASMT Cheer Gym


Prodigy Training Center Las Vegas
A fun after school dance program for Kindergarten thru Fifth grade (dancers will be split by age group). Co-ed dance and video classes for learning routines and how to freestyle as presented by the famous Prodigy Dance Crew (as seen on The Ellen Show, World of Dance, America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance and more!)
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Tuesday After School

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