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We Welcome Volunteers

Visitation and Volunteer Rules

All parents must sign in at the front office prior to entering the school for any reason (even if they have a CCSD badge). The 2019 Nevada Legislature passed Senate Bill 185, requiring the fingerprinting of all people who volunteer four or more times a month to go through the fingerprinting process. All Staton Volunteers must go through our Volunteer Training Program. Please check with the office to find out when the next training session will be offered.


Protect Our Kids - Regulation Policy 4100 Parent Video is a required video in addition to the volunteer training session at Staton Elementary. Please click HERE to view this required video.


A new state law, SB 287, also requires all regular volunteers to sign a document acknowledging that they are mandatory reporters of any potential child abuse, including potential misconduct between employees and students.  Please click on the video below to view the required Child Abuse and Neglect video.

To view how to go through the process of obtaining a CCSD Volunteer Badge scroll down or click HERE to download the instructions.

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