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Counselor's Corner

Staton's School Guidance Counselor - Janie Cram

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Janie Cram




Ext. 4301

Staton Pioneers Are...




Be kind to others!
Be kind to yourself!
Be kind to all property!
Be kind at home!
Be kind in the car!
Be kind in the parking lot at school!

Safe Voice

SafeVoice is an anonymous tip report system with live response 24/7/365. Safevoice (SV) includes and goes beyond bullying to create an anonymous way to also report threats of school violence and friends at risk of suicide, self-harm, drugs and more.


Examples of Why Parents Might Contact the School Counselor

  • Family difficulties or concerns

  • Concerns about academic achievement, behavior, or social skills

  • Discussing special needs of their child

  • Discussing parenting approaches or techniques

  • New student transition

  • For resources or community referrals

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to your child that we may be able to help with, please contact your school counselor.

Other Programs & Services:

*Attendance Incentives

*Character Trait Lessons

*Week of Respect

*Kindness Week

*S.O.S. - Students of Service; our Student Council

*Peanut butter drive, food drive, clothing drive, toy drive, Angel Tree, Pennies for Patients, Hygiene for Homeless drive

*Career Day

*504 plans

*Celebrating accomplishments!

Although we did not purchase the Be Kind program this year, we will carry on the message, emphasizing kindness.

We will focus on conducting ourselves in a manner that exudes kindness.  Kindness to others, kindness to ourselves, kindness to property.

As a school, we will have character traits to focus on, learn about and implement in our daily lives.
I will rotate through every classroom to teach lessons about these character traits.
Staying "On Track" with our Full STEAM Ahead theme, the classroom lessons will focus on, but NOT be limited to the following traits:
-Conducting ourselves with character-
Ask your child about these skills and reinforce them at home.


This year we will be focusing on 3 Core Values...




Please be the example for our kiddos! We are a team and need to work together! Be kind at home, in the car, and in the parking lot at school. BE THE EXAMPLE!

Staying "On Track" with our Full Steam Ahead theme, students will have the chance to get "on board" the Staton Success Express. When a student gets caught exhibiting positive character traits, they can get caught and have their picture placed on the train. Additionally, classes will vote for one student per month to be the "Conductor of the Month" based on his/her daily behavior and exhibiting positive character traits.

An elementary school counselor's role is to support all students in acquiring the knowledge, attitude, and skills that build a foundation for their academic, personal/social, and career development. This is accomplished through the delivery of a comprehensive school counseling program which includes:

*School Counseling Core Curriculum - classroom lessons on topics such as Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social-Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making.


As a school, we will have monthly life skills to focus on, learn about and implement in our daily lives. I will rotate through every classroom, every month to teach lessons about social emotional competence. 

*Individual Student Planning - goal setting, Middle School transitions and future plans

*Responsive Services - designed to meet students' immediate needs and concerns through individual or small group counseling

*Indirect Services - collaboration and consultation with parents, school staff and community organizations

When responsive services are necessary, students may be reffered by parents, school staff or they may request to see their school counselor on their own. If you think your student would benefit from counseling services or have any questions, comments, or concerns related to your child that I may be able to help with, please contact me. You may email or call me, or referral forms are available in the office for you to send in for me to review.


During individual counseling, students have the opportunity to express their feelings and concerns, while also exploring possible solutions or coping strategies. Permission will be sought after their first visit if further counseling or support is needed. If you do not wish for me to speak with your child individually, please contact me to let me know.

Small group counseling will be utilized when students are experiencing similar challenges or need help in improving life skills. 

***I will keep discussions I have with your child confidential unless he/she talks about hurting themselves, hurting someone else or if he/she or someone else is being hurt.***

A School Counselor Impacts Children By...

  • Helping create a safe and positive learning environment

  • Assisting students in developing skills that support academic achievement as well as personal and social development

  • Promoting positive attitudes among students toward self, family, peers, and the community

  • Helping students set goals and develop a growth mindset

  • Providing support during personal or family crisis

  • Collaborating with staff members, parents, and students to identify and remove barriers to learning and negative peer interaction

Growth Mindset  

Growth mindset is the belief that intelligence is malleable; brains and talent are just a starting point and can be improved through effort and persistence. Developing a strong growth mindset can have a huge impact on future learning and success. If you'd like to know more about how you can help your child develop a growth mindset, please click the links below to view the powerpoint presentations that were used during the growth mindset parent workshops during the last school year.

Growth Mindset

Session 1

Growth Mindset

Session 2

Growth Mindset

Session 3

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