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Benefits of Enrolling at Staton


As we enter into the world of online learning and we still wonder how this all works PTO wants to remind you this has been done before. Our teachers are the Mr. Rogers of 2020 and everything will be fine, better then fine!

Why are PTO parents keeping their kids enrolled at Staton:

flexibility of live or recorded teaching
🖤limited and effective time in front of the computer (1-3 hrs a day)
💚teachers who are willing to work with families and students to make each individual online learning experience effective
💚access to a school counselor
🖤cost: savings of up to $20,000 vs. purchasing homeschool curriculum or tuition at private school
💚rigorous curriculum provided by

Staton that we have known and trusted for years
🖤differentiated instruction as needed for each student

If you have questions or concerns please contact the PTO President, Shannan Ohlson, at our Principal, Mrs. Tomlinson, at or your assigned teacher. If you have already withdrawn you still have time to re-enroll before Monday.

I understand parents’ concerns with distance learning but we must also remember that this too shall pass and consider the long term effects of our decisions. Staton teachers are doing our absolute best to ensure that students are engaged and confident in their learning as we enter this unique school year! We always have and always will put our kids first! We’ve got this, Staton community🙌🏻💗


-Mrs. Trochenski, 3rd Grade Teacher

We 💚 our Staton community. If any Staton parents have q’s don’t hesitate to reach out!

-Shannan O., Parent

I’m keeping my kids in our zoned schools. I have faith in our teachers and admin. I know this won’t be easy AT ALL but we are committed to our kids education, to our kids schools and to public education. If you leave your zoned school to homeschool or to go to private, which I totally understand, please know that if and when you come back THIS school year, we will have already had to let teachers go due to lower enrollment and class sizes will increase UNTIL THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR. If you leave, I hope you find what works best for your family. If you want to come back to your zoned school please do it next school year when we can get funding to rehire teachers. Good luck everyone!

-Leigh-Ann M., Parent

If you are a parent thinking of homeschooling your child until we return in person please reconsider.

The amount of teachers at a school is determined by how many students enroll by count day. If you keep your child home for the first few weeks, we lose the funding for your student for the whole year. We will lose teachers because we don't have the money to keep them.

If you decide to enroll your child a few weeks into the school year, our classrooms will become overcrowded. We will not have the money or the ability to hire more teachers at that point.

I know distance learning is a new experience for everyone, but don't let that scare you away.

-Mrs. Mann, GATE Teacher

I know there’s a lot of uncertainty, but if there is a group of people who know how to prepare and implement during times of uncertainty it’s teachers...we are more than ready for this and we are in the business of making kids successful!

-Mrs. Treichel, 5th Grade Teacher

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