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Full-Time Plan:

PreK-3rd + 4th & 5th

(Starting April 6th)

Staton Pioneers,

All students that have indicated that they plan to return to school fulltime in April will be allowed to do so as Staton has the capacity! There will be no teacher placement/classroom changes as all teachers will continue to teach in person and their distance learning students. Staff felt that no changes should be made for the last few weeks of the year for the consistency and well being of our students.


If you indicated that you would like to remain distance learning, students will remain on distance learning for the remainder of the year. If you would like to switch from distance learning to in person learning, please email Mrs. Tomlinson at On April 6 we will welcome 590 kids back to campus and we are SO EXCITED!!!!


Please see the attachment for IMPORTANT return to school information for all Prek- 5th grade students that indicated they would like to return to in person. Please also note that after spring break (April 6) our 2nd and 3rd graders will be entering different gates due to more students returning on campus. 


Students remaining online, please refer to page 4 for guidance!

**IMPORTANT return to school information for all Prek- 5th grade students**




  • 2nd and 3rd graders will be entering different gates due to more students returning on campus beginning April 6.

  • Only those with a parking permit or handicap permit will be allowed to park in the main parking lot. Please park on the street or drop off in the kiss'n'go.

  • Safekey will be open before school starting at 6:30 and closing at 6:00.

  • 3rd - 5th graders will be using chromebooks for SBAC testing on April 12 - 16. Students will keep their chromebooks at school during this time.

Please reach out to our school if you have any questions!!

Again, I will communicate and be transparent with all Staton parents as we continue to plan. Please monitor your email, social media and our website closely for updates!

Thank you!

Lindsay Tomlinson

Staton Principal

Current and up to Date Information Regarding PreK-5th Grade Face-to-Face Instruction and Procedures.

In Person Learning April 6.png

In Person Learning April 6th

Back to School Must Knows for all Parents & Students PreK-5th Grade.

Before You Leave Home.png

Before Leaving Home

Guidelines every Parent/Guardian should use BEFORE coming to school.

Safekey Registration.png

Safekey Registration & Fees

City of Las Vegas Safekey Registration @ Fees Flyer.

Kiss & Go Map.png

Kiss & Go Drop-off PreK-5th

2020-21 Staton ES Kiss & Go (Drive Through) Drop-off and Pick-up Map

Exposure Flowchart.png

Exposure Workflow

Student COVID-19 Exposure Notification Workflow. How Staton will be notifying families of possible COVID-19 Exposure.

CCSD Hybrid Plan.png

CCSD Hybrid Plan

Hybrid Plan approved by CCSD.

Kiss N Go Map PreK-5th.png

Drop-off & Pick-up Map

Starting April 6th. Grades PreK-5th Drop-off & Pick-up Map.

Safekey Reopening FAQ.png

Safekey FAQs

City of Las Vegas Safekey Reopening FAQs

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